Questions and Contact Information for Phabulous Photos

Who is Phabulous Photos?

My name is David Evertsen and I have lived in Orlando and Conway for the past 42 years. Phabulous Photos is my online presence for my photography work.

How do I contact you?

You can call me at 407-536-7422 or email me at . If I don't answer your call immediately please make sure to leave me a voice mail.

Are you employed by the schools you shoot for?

I am not currently employed by the High Schools I shoot for, I work for myself pick the games and events that I choose to show up for. With that said I do shoot freelance and work for many entities, shoot for them on most occasions for a fee.

Can I use photos that I purchase from you for Yearbook pages?

Yes, ONLY if you purchase the digital download from my site, buying a print and asking for me to send the digital image to a third party is something I will not do.

How do I purchase pictures from you?

All print sales are done through this site, when browsing through pictures click "Add to Cart" choose your print size or digital download on the downloads tab, you can keep your selections in the cart for up to 2 weeks.

How long does it take to get my print order from your site?

There are many options for shipping your items, it depends on what you need. Usually with basic shipping it has been running about 5-7 days an extra day or so for 8x10's and larger.

I have to have a picture right away for an event, party, invitation, website, etc, who do I contact?

Purchase a digital download and then you can get it printed locally if that is what you need or have an image for a site.

When I buy a digital download how do I get the image?

Immediately after paying for your image there will be a link to download the image(s).

When I purchase the digital download is it suitable for printing?

Yes it is a full size image suitable for all size of prints.

When I purchase an image can I send it in to a newspaper or magazine for inclusion?

No, I retain and own all the rights of all pictures on my site even when you purchase a print or download. Please contact me about sending any images to any media. I am pretty easy to get along with but, purchasing images from me only gives you the right for personal use.. See exception above for Yearbook. 

If I purchase any size print from you will you send me the digital image for it to?

No, if you need the digital image you need to purchase a download. Purchasing a print does not give you the digital image to. 

Can I purchase the digital downloads for an entire gallery?

Yes you can when you click "Add to Cart" there is a Bulk Gallery Download option Commercial and Personal licenses available.

Will you come out and shoot my childs event?

Yes I shoot all types of sports and dance events. Please contact me for information about pricing, options and delivery.

Do you do Senior Portraits? 

Yes, I do Senior Portraits and would love to talk to you about doing that for you so please email me and we can start a dialogue. 

Why don't you ever shoot my child's sport or event?

Please don't take it personally, I am not able to make it to many sports or events for many reasons. Mainly 4pm games and events are almost always hard to get to with my responsibilities during the day. I do my best to get to as many as I can and trying to make everyone happy with that said many things I have shot in the past did not pay off and I don't shoot those types of events/sports anymore. Also shooting as many games as possible while covering other sports does not make it possible to be at every game.

What is the Player Number Gallery?

It is a collection of images from all of the games so far for that year of the athlete wearing that jersey number for that sport. That way you don't have to look through all the games if you don't want to.

Do the prints or downloads I purchase have the watermark on them?

No, your purchases will not have the watermark on them.

Is it okay that I take a screenshot with my phone/ipad, computer and use the watermarked image in a newsletter/publication or my personal scrapbook page,  posters or Banquet/Video Slideshows?

I really do appreciate that everyone loves my images so much, what makes me even happier is when you purchase them from me. Using watermarked screenshots also don't reproduce well and make my images look REALLY bad  when we all know they don't look bad, they are also not a printable size. If you are in doubt please purchase the images you want to use that way I can continue to do this for everyone's benefit. Watermarked images are never allowed to be in any video or slideshow for banquets or posted on sites like YOUTUBE. Any teams using my images watermarked in a Slideshow or video will be sent an invoice for a minimum of $250 or more. 

I see your images all over Facebook and Instagram with the watermark on it are they in trouble?

Putting your images on the web for sale comes with it's drawbacks and this is one of them, it does however show potential clients about my site so it is not all bad. I am flattered that everyone likes my images so much, I get even more excited when I see the images on peoples page and then they come purchase the images from me. I would hope everyone would purchase my images that are on their personal pages to continue to support what I do.

How do I get my pictures to look like yours so clear and not blurry?

There is no easy answer to that but it boils down to one thing, practice and lots of it. If you see me at an event an have a question I will be more than happy to help you out if I can. Photography of indoors sports and night events is hard and takes lots of work to get right. Equipment is also an important tool for these events.

You didn't answer my question, what do I do?

Please when in doubt please contact me via email, phone or in person at an event. It is never a problem, I am pretty easy to get along with..
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